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"Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects"

This year’s specialized topic will be: “Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects”. The goal is to familiarize participants with the theory and application of modern econometric evaluation techniques, including guided lab sessions..... Read More


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  • Application opens at:
    15 October, 2018
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1st Summer School
2nd Summer School
3rd Summer School

4th Summer School in Advanced Economics



The 4th Summer School in Advanced Economics will be held from


July 8 - 12, 2019


at Syros Island – Greece




The specialized topic of the 4th Summer School in Advanced Economics is on: 
"Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects"


Sascha O. Becker, Professor at the University of Warwick, UK, will be the Distinguished Guest Professor


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A few words about...

In 2013 the Department of Economics of the University of Ioannina started to organize bi-annually a Summer School in Advanced Economics. The purpose of the Summer School is to bring together students and young researchers who are interested in modern methods in theoretical and empirical Economics. In each event a small number of participants is selected. This creates an environment which allows better communication with the instructors and also exchange of ideas among students. A distinguished Professor on the field of Economics is the main instructor of the Summer School.

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